Frequently asked questions

What is myworld?

myworld is an entertainment platform, offering infinite digital content across music, games, and video. We're passionate about enabling people to enjoy local and regional entertainment content.

How much does myworld cost?

You can pay for myworld in a variety of different ways, depending on where you live and your subscription plan. Check the payment methods and subscription plans available in your country.

How do I subscribe?

In three quick and easy steps:

  1. Click 'Subscription'
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Validate the PIN code received on your device
    Yay! You will be successfully subscribed.
How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Click on Manage My Subscription
  3. Change the toggle button to off mode to stop the automatic renewal
What can I find on myworld?

You will find all the entertainment options in a single platform; from the best videos, games and music. Don´t miss a thing and start enjoying your preferred content now!

Is myworld good for children?

The experience is safe and good for children. They will be able to enjoy content through a separate navigation, specifically designed for them. They will be able to enjoy and learn at the same time!