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Your Day. Your Workout.

Get your daily dose of movement from home or on the go with over 500 workouts for your level & goal. 29.4 AED/month (VAT inclusive)

steps card img Your Personal Training Plan

Discover the fun in fitness with Gymondo and reach your goals with personal training and nutrition plans that optimally adapt to your lifestyle.

steps card img Maximum Variety

Discover more than 50 training programs such as dance, hiit or yoga and find your feel good in more than 500 motivating workout videos.

steps card img Anytime & Anywhere

Train at home or on the go via pc, smartphone or tv app. access all workout videos anytime & anywhere, even offline.

Complete Fitness Package

Complete Fitness Package

Start your day with yoga, work up a sweat in the afternoon with cardio or strengthen your muscles with Pilates in the evening. With one membership, you get full access to more than 50 training programs, 500 workouts and 1.000 healthy recipes.

Healthy Eating Catered to Your Taste

Healthy Eating Catered to Your Taste

Discover healthy recipes based on your preferences and dietary needs. Get custom meal plans and foodie-grade recipes to reach your fitness goals faster.

Track Your Success

Track Your Success

Keep an eye on your achievements in your fitness profile. Record your weight and measurements and track the amount of calories you burn.

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What is Gymondo?

Gymondo is an online fitness platform that offers a wide range of professional fitness courses. Similar to normal gyms, Gymondo offers all the tools to get fit and do something good for yourself. The revolution: you decide when and where you want to do your individually tailored training!

Do I need to be particularly athletic to train with Gymondo?

Gymondo offers challenging workouts for beginners, advanced and professionals. So that you can find your way around quickly, Gymondo has divided all videos into different levels of difficulty for you. Each exercise in a workout is shown to you in multiple execution options. Choose your level of difficulty individually. Our trainers will explain all exercises to you in a precise and understandable way.

What type of workouts I will be able to do?

Gymondo offers workouts with which you can train all body zones. In addition to the classics, such as abs, legs, buttocks courses, power workouts to build muscle and demanding cardio training, you can also choose yoga exercises for mobilization and relaxation. Do you want to specifically train individual muscle groups? Then choose from back, leg, or upper body workouts for optimal results. But the fun shouldn't be neglected either. With martial arts workouts and the unique dance program, Gymondo not only makes you sweat, but also brings the fun of sport back into your life. You are free to decide whether you want to relax or work out, whether you want to keep fit for everyday life or whether you want to set even more ambitious goals.

What is the nutrition concept based on?

The Gymondo nutrition plan is based on "Clean Eating" with foods that are as natural as possible. A flexible system with nutrition points allows you to record your progress every day and stay "on track". We rely on a healthy long-term change in diet instead of crash diets. Healthy eating should be fun and easy to integrate into everyday life. Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply be fit and healthy. We have the right concept.

Does Gymondo also have recipes?

Yes, Gymondo has over 2000 healthy recipes for every occasion. Vegetarians and vegans also get their money's worth. We give great importance to tasty, easy and few ingredients recipes. In the app, the recipes you choose can be transferred directly to a practical shopping list.

Can I do exercise while pregnant or breastfeeding?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, your baby places very special demands on you and your body. Please try not to lose weight during this time - it is not good for you and your child. Enjoy this special moment and postpone your plans to a later date. Gymondo has programs developed by experts for training during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, before you start training, you need to consult your doctor. If you have his green light, let´s start!

How do I join?

Nothing easier than that! Book the Gymondo Fitness Special on this page. Afterwards, you will be redirected to Gymondo, or you can click on the registration link in the SMS, where you can register and create your personal profile. After that, you can start right away.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel your Gymondo membership at any time via Entertainment World: log-in to your account in this product -> My profile -> My Account -> Manage My Subscription

Device, browser and connectivity needed to access Gymondo

Devices on which Gymondo can be used:
• PC and laptop
• Smartphones and tablets (Android > 4.2)
• iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 or higher required)
• Fire TV (2014 or higher required)

• Chrome from version 51
• Firefox version 47 or higher
• Safari version 9 or higher
• MS Edge version 25 or higher
• Internet Explorer version 11 or higher

We recommend to use a PC that is not older than 4 years. However, an older model does not fundamentally rule out the use of Gymondo. In order to enable smooth playback of the videos, a stable internet connection with at least 6 Mbps should be available. Don't forget: Gymondo only runs when you are connected to the internet. Videos are offered in three quality levels (HD, 480p, 360p) so you can watch them without interruption even with a slower connection.

I have an active subscription but I haven´t received or can´t find the SMS to continue the registration. What should I do?

To continue with your registration, in this same page, you will find a clickable button saying "Create account", please click on it an it will take you to Gymondo registration step.